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Stop Hurting Your Ears With Q-tips! The Smart Ear Cleaner You Were Looking for Has Finally Arrived!


by Martin Fowler | 21/07/2024

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Do you hate earwax? Do you keep getting ear ringing from trying desperately to keep them clean? And worse, it doesn’t even keep them clean in the first place?! Well, there’s finally a solution for your woes!
Anyone who’s ever used Q-tips knows full well that at best you get a little bit of earwax out from the outer part of your ear canal, at worse you get nothing and just push everything farther in. But that’s just how it is. There’s no other way to clean your ears short of going to an ENT specialist.
Ear hygiene is important, and yet most of us either ignore it, or worse, do it the wrong way. But there’s a new hope now for us tinnitus suffering failed wax removers. It’s already spreading across the world and it seems like the Q-tip is going the way of the dodo.
A new product has finally solved this age-old problem of ear wax, and you wouldn’t believe how simple this solution is.

What Are We Talking About?

It’s called the QGrips, the newest and best weapon in the fight against stuffed ears. Made of the highest quality materials, it cleans your ears like no other product in the history of ear cleaning.
Reusable, very comfortable and most importantly, 100% safe and pain free use. There’s really no reason not to throw the disposable cotton swabs away once you’ve tried this. Enjoy cleaner ears, better hearing, and all without the old danger of accidentally pushing it too far in.
That’s what the sales pitch tells us. But does it actually do everything it says? Does it really massage your ear canal? Read on to find out…

What Do Our Team Members Think?

If you don’t like reading too much, we’ll just tell you they loved the QGrips. 
In more detail, they absolutely adored the fact it’s physically impossible to accidentally push the cork screw tip too far inside your canal. They loved that the silicon tips are very soft and do, in fact, massage your inner ears ever so comfortably. And finally, they absolutely loved the cork screw tip design that effectively removes all the wax in their ears.
But all this gushing over the product aside, we did get them to sit down and write all the main traits and features of the QGrips:
✅  High quality silicone head that massages your ear and removes wax effectively with its special corkscrew shape.
✅  16 washable and reusable silicone heads.
✅  100% safe, no more fear for the safety of your ear canal and drums.
✅  Incredibly simple to use, go in, roll with the arrow, pull out.
✅  Green. Reduces your production of disposable product waste.
✅  Compact. Small and light with a nice compact case to carry with you anywhere.
✅  Safe to use for all ages and genders.
The kit also comes with a very stylish case that makes you feel like cleaning ears is your profession. The 16 spare heads mean even if you’re very forgetful and prone to lose such tiny things, you’ll have plenty of spares, or some for your friends and family to also used.

How Much Does The QGrips Cost?

The original retail price of the QGrips is 58€, which alone is definitely worth it considering the years and years of clean ears it provides. 
We were quite ready to fork out the required amount when we also heard that the company is having a special deal to celebrate a landmark number of units sold. The QGrips, for a limited time, can be ordered for 50% (!) it’s original price and with free worldwide shipping added as a sweet bonus! (Now Just 29€)
Let’s just say everyone in the office have already ordered one of these. It is an absolute must for any bathroom and ears all around the world will be forever changed by its invention, so join this revolution, and we highly recommend you grab one before all the OCD clean freaks make off with the entirety of the company’s stock.

Conclusions: Should You Get the QGrips?

Overall Rating


Ease Of Use
Value of Money

Absolutely 100%!

You skipped the entire article to this part, didn’t you? Well yes. If you like clean ears, hate the pain of those wooden and plastic little sticks going to far in, and you like sales and free shipping, just stop reading and get your QGrips now, no need delay, the sale won’t last forever.

Where Can You Buy The QGrips?

Now that you know something this great exists, you must be itching to get it, so here’re the simple steps:

    1. Order an original QGrips from the official supplier website here.
    2. Dump your current ear hygiene drawer where it belongs to make room.
    3. Clean your ears perfectly and with no pain.

TIP: The discount means that QGrips is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before the discount ends!

Georgia L.


I never really noticed how dirty my ears were until I got white earbuds. I paid so much for them just to have them permanently colored with wax. I started trying different ear cleaning solutions but they hurt so bad. Then somebody I follow on IG showcased this awesome little device and I was immediately hooked, no more yellow-brown colored earbuds for me!

Peter D.


I don’t usually take the time to write these but I just had to say that I have 2 kids and I really care about their hygiene but it’s impossible to do that when they’re absolutely terrified of Q-tips and try to wriggle away at any opportunity. They just love this new thing and are now eagerly lining up for their weakly cleanup.

Martha P.


So much better than any silly wooden cotton stick! Keeping my ears clean was always such a literal pain that I’m never letting go of my QGrips! You won’t regret this, it’s the best thing since sliced bread!


Clean Your Ears in a Smart Way Simply by Twisting the Handle